Mikromedas is a data-driven musical project in which compositions are elaborated using data from our solar system and deep space. The project was originally commissioned as a musical performance project for the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2014 in the summer of 2014 (http://deaf.nl/). With the realisation of the project, founder Valery Vermeulen has elaborated an ideal way to combine both his artistic and scientific backgrounds and interests. On the scientific level his background is situated in mathematics (Phd in Pure Mathematics, Ghent University (BE), 2001 and consultant in statistics and applied mathematics since 2001). On an artistic level there is his musical backround and his work as a multimedia artist (Master of Music: Composing Music, Royal Conservatory Ghent (BE) and active in various interactive multimedia projects including e.g. EMO-Synth project, http://www.emo-synth.com).

With the Mikromedas project the rapidly expanding fields of data sonification and algorithmic music composition are being thorougly explored, extended and used in the field of astrophysics. New experiments are being carried out in the various ways to use non musical data in the process of musical composition. By the process of musical composition a hybrid form of creative process is hereby envisioned. A form in which both man and machine act in a responsive and symbiotic way.

Compositions that are realised in Mikromedas make use of various astrophysical data streams. These streams can be offline as well as online. The first source of data used consiststs of sampled radio astronomical data coming from various sources e.g. data stemming from several spacecrafts such as Voyager1 and Voyager2 or data originating from various astrophysical objects such as pulsar stars which might be up to 22000 years old. Other sources that are used in the composition process include synthesized sounds as wel as data feeds from satellites and telescopes turned into sound and music using newly developed sonification techniques.

With the realisation of Mikromedas totally new approaches and visions are being developed and elaborated how to use data from space and deep space as new tools for music composition and performance. During live performances of Mikromedas the compositions are combined with the sonified live data feeds coming from various satellites revolving earth. As to the visual part for the live sets the data feeds are not only sonified but also visualized and the resulting streams can be graphically displayed.